Woman discovers Argos clearance shop with thousands of cheap deals but trolls are saying the same thing

NOW that Christmas is over, shops across the UK are slashing their prices in mega sales.

But for some, those sales don’t scratch the surface and there’s always a better deal elsewhere – we’ve just got to find them.

Niki was so excited to discover the discount store


Niki was so excited to discover the discount storeCredit: TikTok/inikimouse
The shop has a whole aisle of cheap sofas


The shop has a whole aisle of cheap sofasCredit: TikTok/inikimouse

That’s exactly what one woman stumbled across on her latest shopping adventure.

Niki is an American woman living in the UK and Brits love following her TikTok account to see what new discoveries she’s found about the culture.

Niki, who calls herself Inikimouse, has almost 40,000 followers and over 640,000 have watched her latest shopping trip clip. 

However, not everyone was impressed.

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The TikTokker captioned the video: “I need it alllll,” using the hashtags #americanintheuk #uklife #argos #britishshop.

The clip begins in a muddy car park with a view of what looks like a warehouse. 

The sign above the door says ‘Clearance Bargains!’.

“Come with me to Argos’ clearance shop,” she exclaims as the video plays. “I had no idea this existed until I saw another TikTok about it, but this shop is located in Corby.

“There are thousands and thousands of discounts and tonnes of toys which I didn’t really get enough footage of.”

Niki keeps her camera rolling as she browses the aisles of the discount store, showing off everything from TVs and computers to washing machines and fridges, sofas and even Dyson Airwraps.

“This is definitely one of the first places I’ll go when I buy a house because there are so many different deals,” she confesses. 

“There’s lots of bikes for cycling enthusiasts and the cutest little Fiat car, plus so many pieces of furniture including this whole aisle full of sofas,” she exclaims, pointing the camera down an entire aisle full of furniture.

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“I saw lots of light fixtures and different decor for the home, and a whole section of baby goods discounted including prams and car seats. 

“Plus there’s tonnes of small appliances like kettles, toasters and pots and pans. There were even iPhones, tablets and computers. Literally everything you can think of you can find here. It’s great.”

Niki might’ve loved the discount shop, but her neighbours say it’s terrible.

“I live in Corby and that shop is rubbish,” replied one grumpy user.

“So sorry you had to go to Corby,” chimed a second.

“Doesn’t look that cheap,” remarked a third. 

“The Dyson Airwrap is still £299.99 so where’s the discount?” asked a fourth. 

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But Niki still says the discounts were worth travelling for. 

She replied to a curious follower: “There was a lot I wanted, but no space.”

There's a tonne of appliances, furniture and baby items


There’s a tonne of appliances, furniture and baby itemsCredit: TikTok/inikimouse
Shoppers can get mobile phones and the Dyson Airwrap


Shoppers can get mobile phones and the Dyson AirwrapCredit: TikTok/inikimouse


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