I’m an Aldi superfan – five clearance items for your home starting at $2, see the exact tag to look for

Although Thanksgiving has not arrived yet, stores are setting up their Christmas decor already, so stores like Aldi are offering big sales on their clearance items.

An Aldi superfan found five clearance items starting at $2 that are perfect for fall decor, and they’re all easy to install.

Aldi finds aisle offer clearance items that are more than 50 percent off selected items


Aldi finds aisle offer clearance items that are more than 50 percent off selected itemsCredit: TikTok/thatonecoupongirl
Yellow tags on items are clearance items and are typically marked at the lowest price possible


Yellow tags on items are clearance items and are typically marked at the lowest price possibleCredit: TikTok/thatonecoupongirl

In the Aldi Finds aisle, there are always clearance items marked with a yellow tag on them.

A woman on TikTok, also known as thatonecoupongirl, revealed the deals Aldi has right now.

1. Fall reversible wall signs

“I was lucky because one of the things was these Fall reversible signs. They were originally $12.99. They’re down to $3.99 now,” she said.

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The signs are two-sided with different designs on each side.

“They’re two-sided for Halloween and Thanksgiving. They have several designs,” the Aldi fan said.

2. Outdoor reversible pillows

Reversibility is a great feature to have on products, and Aldi carries a lot of them.

Their outdoor reversible pillows were originally $16.99, and now they are only $6.99 — giving a $10 discount.

One side was a blue base with orange and green leaves on top while the other side had an orange and white plaid design.

3. Barbecue cover

For a barbecue cover, it was originally $16.99, and now, it is $9.99.

The dimensions of the cover were 65 inches by 25 inches by 44 inches, which can fit a standard barbecue grill.

4. Mini signs

Mini signs were also available for a low cost too when going through the clearance section.

The mini signs were only $1.99, but they were initially $4.99.

5. Picture hanging strips

This may be the cheapest find at Aldi in the Aldi Finds aisle.

Adhesive tape tends to be a pricier than regular tape, but the picture-hanging strips are only $0.99.

They were originally $3.99 – more than 75 percent off.

Other ways to save

Another Aldi fan revealed the days you should shop using her blue bar trick if you’re looking for the best deals.

Sarah revealed how you can discover the best days to shop at the store with a simple trick.

All you need is your phone to download the Aldi app to get the best deals.

In the app, make sure to click on the weekly ads section and enter your zip code to find the nearest Aldi.

Once you click on the store, click on the weekly ad and scroll to the bottom where you’ll find when Aldi Finds starts in a blue bar.

Keep an eye out for different price tags

Though you may think you’re getting a great deal, it’s always important to be aware of what different price tags mean.

A video on TikTok ignited concerns that Aldi was marking down sales over the original price with the same price.

This will ultimately make shoppers believe that they are getting a better deal when in reality, it is the same price.

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Check out important information on how Aldi may be luring you into spending more money with impulsive purchases.

Similar shops like Dollar Tree may be offering better deals.


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