15 items in Aldi clearance starting at 87 cents including Chick-fil-A dupes – the price tag color to look for

SHOPPERS at Aldi have a chance to score massive savings this week – with some clearance items starting at just 87 cents.

Savvy shopper and TikToker @Aldi.Is.My.Jam recently took her followers on a shopping trip at the bargain retailer, where she was on the lookout for any clearance markdowns.

Aldi offers Dessert in a Jar in Tiramisu and Sugar Cookie flavors


Aldi offers Dessert in a Jar in Tiramisu and Sugar Cookie flavorsCredit: TikTok/aldi.is.my.jam

And Ashley was not disappointed – she found an array of goodies both from the food and home sections with prices as low as 87 cents.


First up, Ashley discovered Werther’s Original Holiday Caramels, marked down to just 87 cents post-Christmas season.

Both chocolate covered and salted caramel creme versions were available, and they are far lower than Target’s version at $13.49.


Ashley showed you can also find some compelling dupes for other brands’ home decor.

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A candle that closely resembled an Anthropologie product was on sale for just $6.79.

Anthropology candles usually are priced way higher at $40.


To go along with your new Aldi candle, you can also consider adding the store’s three-pack of mini candle tins to your cart for $4.99.

These tend to be on sale for $20 on Amazon.


If you’re looking to up your kitchen game this year, Aldi has a juicer priced as low as $39.99, and it could help you get into the swing of a healthier morning routine in 2023.

The typical juicer is more than $60, and one of the cheapest name-brand options, Gourmia, goes for $65 or more.


There were also food canisters for your cabinet available for a little over $11.

You’d save around $9 by going to Aldi over the options for similar products at Crate & Barrel.


Aldi's espresso makers are priced at just $40


Aldi’s espresso makers are priced at just $40Credit: TikTok/aldi.is.my.jam

And with Aldi’s $40 espresso maker machine, you’ll really be all set for a totally transformed kitchen.

The espresso maker is a steal because similar versions cost between $120 and $750 at Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond.


Back in the food section, Ashley found the perfect snack pack full of cheese, dried cranberries, and almonds, and it cost $2.85.

This is compared to similar products at Target for more than $3.


There were also some other foods if you have a sweet tooth, including the Mad Minis Peppermint Ice Cream Sandwiches for just $3.29.

Or, consider the delectable-sounding “Dessert in a Jar” product Aldi offers.

Ashley picked both the Tiramisu and Sarah’s Sugar Cookie options for $1.59.


If you’re looking for a more savory snack, Aldi also has roasted red pepper hummus for $1.99.

A nearly identical version would be $4.49 at grocery stores like Target and Walmart.


In other rare finds at the store, Ashley came across some marble coasters for $6.79.

Compare that to the basic ones at Target for $15, and you’ll find you’ve stumbled across a great deal.


Vegetarians may enjoy these vegetable raviolis at Aldi


Vegetarians may enjoy these vegetable raviolis at AldiCredit: TikTok/aldi.is.my.jam

Those on a plant-based diet are also in luck because Aldi has a vegan eggplant and spinach ravioli for $3.79.

If you were looking for a similar one at Target, you’d have to pay at least $5.


Chick-Fil-A fans will also be happy if they stumble into their local Aldi because the retailer is selling a variety of dupes for the chicken chain’s beloved sauces.

That includes Polynesian Sauce and “Chicken Dipping” Sauce for $1.89.

The real Chick-Fil-A sauces are on sale for $5 at Target, relatively.


There were also tons of vegetable gratins, like potato, butternut squash truffle or butternut squash and sweet potato, for just $3.79.

All in all, there are tons of great deals available at the bargain retailer, and you don’t want to miss out on them before they’re out of stock.


If you, too, want to score some great clearance items at Aldi, you need to look out for the color yellow.

All items with yellow price tags are marked down for clearance, so these tend to be some of the lowest prices available.

However, there are other steps you can take to get even more bang for your buck at the retailer.

Planning meals in advance with a prepared grocery list is a good way to avoid succumbing to impulse buys.

You should also learn how Aldi has designed the store to maximize impulse buying.

Like many stores, they keep essentials, like most food, near the back, forcing you to walk through aisles of temptation before you get to where you are looking for.

By going straight for the essentials on your prepared grocery list, you lessen the chance of adding unwanted items.

There are also multiple apps and services which offer special coupons at Aldi and dozens of other retailers.

Popular options include Coupons.com and Ibotta.

And you should always check directly on Aldi’s website for special deals in your area.

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